Quick Fix or Routine?

Skin-care. Should I have a skin care routine?, are my face wipes damaging my skin?  Do I have to spend lots?

There are many questions when you are trying to develop your skin care routine, and I although I do not promise to be an expert. I want to try and debunk some of the myths out there.

First question, Should I have a skin care routine?

The simple answer is YES! Everyone should have their own go to products, that they use on a daily basis. You need to start taking care of your skin young, if you want to see the benefits as you grow older.  How do I find the right products for me? Research. Read reviews, of other users, try samples from stores, and most importantly do not believe the adverts. Products may promise wonders, but unless you’ve experienced a miracle, take everything with a pinch of salt!

My daily routine differs depending on how busy I am. If I find I’m busy, either out with friends, or tied up with work, rather than let my skin-care suffer, I use quick fixes. I like Garner Micellar skin active oil infused cleansing Water, which is super easy to use, and does the job if I haven’t got lots of time to spare. If I need a little extra TLC I’ll use a rich moisturiser such as Neals Yard Frankincense Hydrating Night Cream which smells insanely good, revives tired skin, and gives you a nice clear, hydrated complexion.


Are Face wipes damaging my skin?  Face wipes are really controversial. Experts say that they can increase the change of wrinkles. They don’t cleanse your skin thoroughly, and can dry out your face. That being said, they also can be a quick fix, if you don’t have the time to spend on your skin. Face wipes are good for a quick wash after a night out, or if you’ve been at the gym however they are not a substitute for your cleansing routine. I like No7’s Quick Thinking Wipes, they are a little on the expensive side at £7 but you usually can use the boots No7 voucher in conjunction with these and that brings them in at a cheaper £2. Definitely handy to keep in your handbag!

20160515_202537 How much should I spend on my skin? Not everyone is able to invest in their skin as much as they’d like. Contrary to popular belief you really don’t need to spend a lot to maintain beautiful skin. If I was starting out I’d concentrate on a good set of basic products to begin with. Your Cleanser, and Toner. I’d recommend Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser, and Toning Lotion. These are super refreshing, and give your skin a wake-up! You can then build on that and treat yourself to extra products as you see fit. I recommend having a consultation in your local department store, and then you can ensure your buying the right products for your skin type. I have really dry skin so I use a lot of Clarins Hydraquench range. This is also good for normal skin too, and gives it a real boost.


Facials. I highly recommend you indulge in a facial treatment, at least once every few months (if not more!!) there is nothing more relaxing. I’ve had several at different venues, from Spas to salons, to department stores and each one has been a treat! Facials are a great way to release toxins from beneath the skin, deeply cleanse, remove dead skin cells, and simply unwind.

So whatever  option you decide, your skin is definitely a investment worth making!


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